Carpet Ideas

When it comes to carpet ideas, it’s kind of hard to think outside the traditional box. Normally when we think of carpet we think of wall to wall flooring. “Back in the day”, wall to wall carpet was the stuff to have, it signified prosperity and wealth. This was a huge selling point for homeowners. [...]

Great Chicago Bathroom Tile Design

Did you know that one of the first things new homeowners in Chicago remodel is the bathroom? Bathrooms typically have fairly permanent décor, particularly when you choose to use bathroom tile. You’ll want to choose a bathroom tile design that you will love for a long time; but the design options are endless. Various Size [...]

A Tile Saw Can Save You A Lot Of Time For A DYI Tile Installation

For less complex tile jobs a tile saw might be unnecessary. A simple snap or rail tile cutter would be something more like what you’ll need. There are plenty of Chicago tile stores where you can purchase all varieties of tile; ceramic tiles, natural stone flooring, and porcelain tiles. Most of the decorative tiles like [...]

Beautify Your Home with Oak Hardwood Flooring Chicago

Nothing can enhance the beauty and elegance of a home more than oak hardwood floors. Oak hardwood flooring Chicago has a wide variety of oak flooring from which to choose. Oak hardwood flooring imparts a classic elegance to your home with a beautiful, natural looking appeal that cannot be duplicated with other types of flooring. [...]

Reclaimed Wood Flooring In Your Home

There, perhaps is nothing more eco-friendly than re-purposing or reusing old construction material. Reclaimed wood flooring would certainly fall into this category. Old wood flooring in Chicago is becoming much more desirable than it once was. This is partly due to increased awareness of the need for recycling but also because aged wooden floors have [...]

Carpet Prices in Chicago

As I’m sure you’re aware, if you’ve been shopping for carpet in Chicago, there is a lot to choose from. The variances in prices are tremendous. Because there are so many choices, it’s difficult to truly come up with an accurate average cost of carpet per square foot. But we’ll give it a go. When [...]

GW Flooring Beats All Other Chicago Flooring Companies

Great Western Flooring Company has been a Chicago flooring supplier since 1981. The flooring company has been built on the principles of accountability, reliability and trust. When you walk into one of three design centers you’re greeted graciously and the design specialists listen to you and help you select the best possible flooring options to [...]

Carpet tiles for Chicago flooring might not be exactly what you want

In Chicago, flooring options are limitless. Carpet flooring is a huge part of the selection. It’s warm and relatively easy to clean, but it’s often not a cheap product. Carpet tiles are an inexpensive option for flooring needs. Carpet tiles back in the day were considered to be the height of fashion and practicality. For the [...]

Tips For Carpet Care In Chicago

Carpet in Chicago is almost a necessity. It’s insulating! The temperature of your flooring in Chicago doesn’t feel so nice against your bare feet when it’s 20 below and the Windy City is living up to its name. The first rule to keeping out the dirt is catching it at the door. If you can [...]

A comparison of carpets: Nylon vs Polyester carpet

Synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester carpet make up the majority manufactured in theUnited States. There isn’t one clear choice as to which is a better carpet or which one is not. Each has specific attributes that may or may not be an advantage for you. So essentially, it’s a comparison between them to see [...]